Deck Shaddoll

Deck Shaddoll 2020

With the launch of the structure deck shaddoll showdown in 2020.
This engine has revolutionized fusion decks.

Below you can see versions of shaddoll in TCG.

Deck Shaddoll Showdown

Deck Shaddoll Showdown
The pure deck is the cheapest version since you only need 3 structure showdown plus some extra cards to complete it.
The deck is based on playing to control the opponent and interrupt the play with super poly or ash blossom.
In summary it is not to let it play.

Version Shaddoll Invoked

Version Shaddoll Invoked
One of the best versions for my taste the best is with the invoked engine.
Since in addition to the extra plays and the pluses that generate the advantage of protecting your summons by fusion with Meltdown it is too much.

Shaddoll Dino

Deck Shaddoll Dino
The most aggressive version of the shaddoll is with dinosaurs, although playing 2nd turn can be a disadvantage, here you make it the greatest advantage since you bring many ready-to-use cards such as Shaddoll Fusion, Lightning Storm, Mind Control or Pankratops.

Version Shaddoll Lightsworn

Version Shaddoll Lightsworn
Really fun and powerful version, for this type of deck you will have to make all your skills go since it has many plays. Which turns out to be very versatile in any situation.

Shaddoll Weakness

It is a unique deck, where most of its monsters are darkness in addition to turning on effects in the graveyard, a deck of mergers and finally it does not have negations (Except the version with invoked) So it’s easy to side deck for your opponent.

If you want to know special Side Deck versus Shaddoll enter HERE

YGO PRO Deck Shaddoll 2020 – Download YDK

Download the version of the deck that you like the most.
You only have to unzip it to access the YDK file and you can play it in YgoPro

For prices Yugioh:Β TCGplayerΒ is your better option.