master rule 5 decks

Master Rule 5 Top Decks

Master Rule 5 Decks

The best master rule 5 decks for this format.

Deck Cyber Dragon

deck cyber dragon 2020
The cyber dragon deck has many possibilities to increase its ranking in the meta, since the master rule 5 benefits it a lot.
In addition to being one of the best counters for many decks.
He has great combos and skills to leave an established field.

Deck Salamangreat

master rule 5 decks salamangreat 2020
Maybe the best deck link that survived several banlists. He still has good consistency and very good plays to achieve OTK and control with his cheats and hand traps.

Deck Eldlich

deck eldlich 2020
Deck just released and arrives quite strong for this format with MR5, since the decks that dominated the meta have been touched by banlists. It has excellent field control in addition to its Boss monster.

Deck Dinosaur

deck dino
The dinosaur deck for a long time was overshadowed by other decks such as Orcust, Sky Striker or Salamangreat, but in reality the deck has always been full and now with the MR5 it benefits since it did not use many links, mostly XYZ and Synchros.

Deck Machina

deck machina
It has not yet come out but it promises a lot. Pure is a good deck, but we believe that your best option will be to combine it with Orcust to enhance your field control.

Shaddoll Invoked

shaddoll master rule 5 decks
One of the best versions for my taste the best is with the invoked engine.
Since in addition to the extra plays and the pluses that generate the advantage of protecting your summons by fusion with Meltdown it is too much.

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Others Master Rule 5 Decks

Burning Abyss
Thunder Dragon

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