Side Deck vs Nemeses

side deck vs nemeses

Here below we leave you the best side deck vs nemeses for this new format.

How to beat Nemeses

how to beat nemeses
  • Gozen Match
  • Rivalry of Warlords
  • Imperial Iron Wall
  • Artifact Lancea
  • Thunder King Rai oh
  • Solemn Strike
  • Chaos Hunter

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How to play Nemeses

A new archetype that is included in the Eternity Code set.
Will also have more support to complement it in Rise of the Duelist.

A deck with very diverse monsters all of different attributes and types.
It has level 11 monsters that can generally be summoned by removing monsters from the field and / or graveyard.

It also has several low level monster with general effects such as search or card recovery to achieve advantages.

Is a very new deck so it does not have many support cards, it is recommended to play it as an engine for other decks.

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