Side Deck vs Nekroz

side deck vs nekroz

Here below we leave you the best side deck vs nekroz for this new format.

How to beat Nekroz

 how to beat nekroz
  • Dimensional Barrier
  • Droll and lock bird
  • Shared Ride
  • Mistake
  • Imperial Iron Wall
  • Spell Canceller
  • Imperial Order
  • Mind Crush
  • Effect Veiler / Infinite Impermanence

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How to play Nekroz

The Nekroz deck is a deck focused on Ritual invocation, originally it was used Puro but after several banlists it became a motor that adapts for many decks.

With the release of the “Dragma” archetype in the Rise of the Duelist expansion, this deck will reemerge with great force since these 2 have an excellent synergy.

It becomes a combo deck, to leave an established field with various denials, in addition to leaving you with many cards in hand.

The entire combo starts with a normal summon.
That’s why we include an Effect Veiler or impermanence for the side deck.

We leave you a decklist of how the Nekroz is playing combined with dragma in OCG.

dragma nekroz

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