side deck vs hero

Side Deck vs Hero

side deck vs hero

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Here below we leave you the best side deck vs Hero for this new format.
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side deck vs Orcust

Summon Limit
Dimensional Barrier
Artifact Sanctum

These first 3 cards serve you when you start the game. since you can place them in your field and thus maintain control during your opponent’s turn.

How to beat hero

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side deck vs Shaddoll

Forbbiden Chalice

Dark Ruler No More
Any kaiju

The deck hero searches for a lot of cards from his deck, so the “Mistake” card will
bother him a lot.

On the other hand we leave you the option of “Chalice”, “Dark Ruler” and any “Kaiju”, since with them you can deny the effect of “Dark Law” or sacrifice it with kaiju. Since its continuous effect of removing cards will affect you a lot, besides that if you add a card from your deck it can activate an effect that will remove a card from your hand.

side deck vs Dinosaurs
how to beat hero

Artifact Lancea
Droll and Lock bird

In “Nibiru” there are no explanations, the deck hero makes many invocations,
so it will be very useful.
The “Lancea” is used because the deck hero depends on removing monsters in the cemetery to activate effects such as “Destiny Hero Malicius”
Finally the “Droll” this card is good since it does not let you search for cards from your deck at hand, and as we had mentioned the deck hero does many searches.

Side deck against hero

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D.D Crow
Kinetic Soldier
Raigeki / Dark Hole / Lightining Storm

The last 3 side deck vs hero cards are also useful, the “Crow” will be able to remove cards from his graveyard when for example a monster is reborn.
The “Kinetic” will be able to destroy any warrior type monster since its ATK increases when it fights against one.
And we leave you 3 options to destroy the field.

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