Side Deck Vs Eldlich

side deck vs eldlich

Here below we leave you the best side deck vs eldlich for this new format.

First an example of how the deck is used and below we leave you the side deck.

side deck vs eldlich synchron

Side Deck Against Eldlich

Below you can see cards that do not allow the opponent to play with his graveyard.
In this way you will affect it a lot.

If you go the 1st turn

Side deck vs Eldlich
Economy Options

First we leave you these card options that are very cheap in the market, all with the sole objective of affecting your opponent’s graveyard.

Side deck yugioh

If your deck has level 4 monsters, your best option for side deck or even always carry main deck is “Abyss Dweller” since it won’t allow your opponent to activate effects in the graveyard.

In addition to that this card is very useful against most decks of yugioh currently for example salamangreat, shaddoll, orcust, thunder dragon.

Side Board Vs Eldlich

Side deck vs eldlich If you go the 1st turn

side deck vs traps
Economic Options

If traps bother you a lot and you have the possibility of giving “Jinzo” or “Decree” a go, since deck eldlich plays with many traps.

side deck vs Plunder Patroll

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