side deck vs dragonmaid

Side Deck Vs Dragonmaid

side deck vs dragonmaid

Here below we leave you the best side deck vs dragonmaid for this new format.
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This deck is based on conducting searches to achieve field control with the link “Hieratic”, in addition to playing a lot with your hand and graveyard, it is really strong.

How to beat Dragonmaid


Ash Blossom
Effect Veiler
D.D Crow

Ghost Belle Haunted Mansion

Dragonmaid play through her field, hand and graveyard. With that I tell you that these 4 handtraps are essential to win against this type of deck.

They are also so generic that they will serve you against other decks of the current format such as: Salamangreat, Orcust, Invoked shadoll.

side deck vs Sky Striker
side deck vs dragonmaid

Any Kaiju
Dark Ruler No More
Dark Hole / Raigeki / Lightning Storm

It is very easy to break the dragonmaid field, you just have to take some of the cards in the image and add them from side deck to your deck.

We leave you “Raigeki” as an option, but if your budget allows it, the best is “Lightining” or “Evenly”.

side deck vs Generaider

Side Deck Against Dragonmaid

side deck

There can be only one
Solemn Strike
Chain Disappearance

All small dragonmaid monsters have less than 1000 ATK, so Chain Disappearance is one of the best options.

In addition also that all its monsters are Dragon type so “There Can be only one” will not be able to play. This card is also very useful against Salamangreat and Orcust.


Mystic Mine
Inspector Boarder
Amano Iwato

With these 3 cards you can stop any field, since the dragonmaid deck has no negations with “Mystic Mine” you can completely neutralize it.

side deck vs Infernoid

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