Side Deck vs Dragma

Side Deck Against Dragma

side deck vs dragma

More cards for side deck vs dragma:

  • There can be only one
  • Different dimension ground
  • Summon Limit
  • Dimensional Barrier
  • Gozen Match (Versions Shaddoll, Invoked)
  • Mystic Mine
  • Evenly matched
  • Lightning Storm
  • Droll and lock bird


The dragma is going to be one of the best decks in the format but it has several weaknesses for example the multiple summons per turn that it needs can be easily counted by a Nibiru, it also depends on many effects that can be denied with a simple Veiler.

It is a deck that needs another variant of some other deck to make it work in a better way, since the pure deck is not very strong. Which means that the side deck can be very variable and accessible.

Dragma Rulings

At the moment there are no problems with the Dragma cards.
So there is no ruling available yet.

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