side deck vs burning abyss

Side Deck vs Burning Abyss

side deck vs burning abyss

Here below we leave you the best side deck vs burning abyss for this new format.

How to beat burning abyss

  • Nibiru
  • Flying C
  • Summon Limit
  • Different Dimension Ground
  • Dimensional barrier
  • Effect Veiler vs Tour Guide, Fiendish Rinho
  • D.D Crow
  • Soul Drain
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Side Deck against burning abyss

  • Compulsory Evacuation Device
  • Macro Cosmos
  • Banisher of radiance
  • Necrovalley
  • There can be only one
  • Gozen Match
  • Called by the grave
  • Skull Meister
  • Forbidden Apocrypha
  • Paleozoic Dinomischus
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