Side Deck Vs Altergeist

side deck vs altergeist

Here below we leave you the best side deck vs altergeist for this new format.
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How to beat altergeist

The best strategy you can take for first turn against the Altergeist deck is to be able to control it before it starts its move.

side deck vs Orcust

Twin Twister – Buy Here
The best card to destroy magic and traps, must-have for the side board vs decks that set many cards.

Cosmic Cyclone – Buy Here
The same as twin except that instead of destroying this one it will remove it from the game although it will only be 1 card.

Royal Decree – Buy Here
Excellent card to deny all the pitfalls of the field. Use it if your deck has no traps cards.

Gozen Match- Buy Here
All altergeist monsters have different attributes which makes this card make it play with a single monster on the field.

Inspector Boarder- Buy Here
It will be extremely difficult for your opponent to destroy the Boarder as they generally have no way out.

Ghost Ogre Snow Rabbit– Buy Here
Rabbit to throw it against altergeist spoofing and altergeist protocol.

side deck vs Shaddoll

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Side deck against altergeist

Denkko Sekka – Buy Here
The deck altergeist uses a lot of cheat cards, and as you go from second turn with Denko you will be able to make your move calmly.

Red Reboot – Buy Here
The best side deck card for cheat cards.Unfortunately it is already 1 in the banlist but it is always good if it comes out first hand.

Evenly Matched – Buy Here
Nothing better than removing almost all of your opponent’s cards just by activating one card. One of the best side deck cards of all time.

Lightning Storm – Buy Here
Excellent face to destroy all the magic and traps of your opponent, one of the best but also with a fairly high price.

side deck vs Dinosaurs

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