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evenly matched ruling

Evenly Matched Card Rulings

  • The effect of “Evenly” does not target.
  • Token Monsters cannot be banished face-down.
  • Neither player can activate “Evenly” while the effect of “Imperial Iron Wall” is applying.
  • The opponent player chooses the cards to be banished by the resolution of “make your opponent banish cards from their field face-down so they control the same number of cards as you do.

Evenly Matched vs Tokens (Scapegoat)

Tokens can’t be facedown, so they can’t be banished facedown. When resolving evenly in your scenario only their token would be left.

Evenly vs unaffected

“Evenly ” does not affect monsters. Disregard the effect of Master Peace and treat it like any other monster. (You can choose to banish it face-down, or keep it if able.)

Evenly matched vs waking the dragon

First, nothing activates when banished face-down.
Second, Evenly Matches forces the player to banish their cards face-down, so it isn’t an opponent’s card effect.

Evenly Matched Vs Sky Striker Ace – Raye

The cards banished by Evenly aren’t considered to be banished by its effect, so Raye’s effect cannot be activated in this case.

Evenly Matched Vs Eagle booster

Evenly doesn’t necessarily affect your opponent’s cards it affects your opponent and their board. So essentially they need to match your board on resolution. Kagari would basically become their choice.

Evenly vs Imperial iron wall

Neither player can activate “Evenly ” while the effect of “Imperial Iron Wall” is applying. When resolving the effect of “Evenly “, if the effect of “Imperial Iron Wall” is applying, the resolution of “Evenly ” is not applied.

Evenly vs Chaos hunter

You cannot activate “Evenly ” if you control “Chaos Hunter”.
You can activate “Evenly ” if your opponent controls “Chaos Hunter”.

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