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What is Side Deck?

It is a deck apart from the main deck and can contain from 1 to 15 cards.
It is used to change cards from the main deck or the extra deck during a Match.
Yugioh Side deck not required.

Side Deck Rules

Before a Match starts, you must show your opponent your side board the number of cards in it without revealing its contents.
This is to let them know that you use one.

If you are using sleeves for your side deck, they must match with the sleeves used for the Main or Extra, depending on where it would begin during the duel should you use it during the duel.
Side Decks can only be utilized AFTER the first round of a match.

When using your side to alter the contents of your Main and Extra Deck, the number of cards in your Main and Extra must remain the same.

At the end of a match, all cards that were moved between the Main and Side must return to their original registered areas.

How to Build a Side Board

  1. Know the weaknesses and strengths of your deck
  2. Find cards that benefit you from first or second turn. plus or minus 3 for each situation.
  3. Having defined against which decks you have a lot of trouble for you.
    Based on that, look for card options that harm those decks.
    (Here on the web you can find many options for the goal decks of the 2020 format)

Taking these 3 rules you can build your side.

What is the purpose of a Side

The purpose is to give you an advantage over another deck so that you can easily win.
Many times the one who wins is because he did a better side deck job.

Can you put extra deck monsters in your side?

You can use extra deck monsters in your side.

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